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biting insects.

Good Science,
Better Solutions

BioSensory, Inc, develops highly effective, environmentally friendly pest management products to help protect humans from biting insects: mosquitoes, no see ums and biting flies, and for monitoring and early detection of bedbugs.

Our innovative technologies protect people by turning insects' physiology against them. We lure insects into traps with the host odors (kairomones) that are in our breath and on our skin - the same scents insects track to find people. We trap them when they try to bite the infrared image (body heat) of blood circulating just beneath the skin. Likewise, we use kairomone inhibitors to block host odor receptors on mosquitoes and other biting insects so they can't find people. Our products work in the air - not on the skin - and have dramatic and proven success rates.

Eco-Friendly for Families,
Pets and the Environment

All BioSensory products use a non-toxic mode of action and are not insecticides. Our ingredients do not harm the environment, and decompose naturally in the air, soil and water. Insects cannot develop resistance to our products. Families can enjoy peace of mind knowing that BioSensory's environmentally sensitive products are in use around children, pets and food.

Pest Control

When used as part of an Integrated Pest Management system, BioSensory products minimize damage to the environment by reducing the need for insecticides, and denying insects the opportunity to become resistant to pesticides through overuse.

Scientific Product

Understanding how an insect seeks out a blood meal is key to the development of BioSensory's unique products. Based on extensive laboratory and field studies of each pests' natural biting instincts and physiology, we have developed a family of patented products to meet the needs of pest management professionals and consumers alike.

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