Avoid Insect Bites

Published by Metro News service in February 2005.

“You’ve spent the whole weekend outdoors, biking, gardening, barbecuing, and just enjoying the beautiful weather. But you awake Monday morning to a body full of insect bites! You thought about those Citronella candles you put out on the deck and the oily repellent you sprayed all over your body. But alas, you are left with the task of nursing those itchy bug bites, wondering if spending that time outdoors was even worth it. Why are biting insects, such as mosquitoes, so drawn to humans? Like bloodhounds, they have poor eyesight but a keen sense of smell.

They can smell you from 100 feet away but they can’t see you until they are 30 feet away. “Mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide and Octenol, chemicals that humans and animals emit when they exhale, which mosquitoes can detect from 100 feet away,” says Jim Nolen, president of BioSensory, a U.S.- based manufacturer of next-generation mosquito control products, many of which result from cooperative research with the U.S.D.A. That’s why you need to take advantage of mosquitoes’ poor sense of smell and turn it against them by blocking their ability to track a person’s scent. Since the bugs can’t track your scent, they cannot get close enough to see you. And, if they cannot see you, then they cannot bite you.

Conceal® products by Biosensory do just that. They come in a candle form or in tabletop unit which dispenses Conceal inhibitor into the atmosphere through quiet, batterypowered fans.Place them in areas where people or animals congregate such as on a deck, patio or porch, or in a yard, pool, boat tent or barn. Conceal products are safe to use around food, children and pets, and they do not harm the environment. So you can toss out the oily DEET and Citronella candles. Conceal products provide protection from mosquitos for pennies a day and are much more convenient to use than DEET and are much more effective than Citronella.

For more information, contact BioSensory at (860) 928-1113 or visit www.nomorebites.com. GT054XXX

by BioSensory