California Hospital Wins Mosquito Fight

California Hospital Wins Mosquito Fight

The Center is situated on 20 acres of picturesque garden landscaping, including ponds, meandering pathways and patio areas. In 2002, the hospital experienced several incidences of West Nile Virus, and needed to keep its population well protected. As a start, the grounds department purchased two Dragonfly units.

Hospital patients and staff enjoy the outdoors to get recreation or simply relax. Groundskeepers use CDC trap monitors in various places around the property to determine where to place the Dragonflys. Since they’ve been in use, mosquito counts have decreased approximately 40%.

Soon, the hospital bought more Dragonfly units and also purchased ‘Cognito units to keep mosquitoes off the patients. “When you talk about the cost effectiveness of BioSensory’s products at our hospital, you have to evaluate cost differently,” explains the head of the grounds department. “How would you equate patient safety from West Nile Virus against the cost of these units?”

BioSensory’s Mosquito ‘Cognito dispensers are placed in smoking areas, outside doorway entrances, patio and courtyard areas, recreation areas, and the front lobby. Cognitos are placed near every entrance.

West of the hospital, there are inactive well sites and swamp areas that are notorious breeding grounds for mosquitoes. In the afternoon, mosquitoes can hop on a tail wind which carries them right to the hospital. The grounds crew likes the photocell timers on the Dragonflys that turn on automatically at sundown.

“I’m at ease with the Dragonflys, as they allow me to breathe easier knowing that our patients are protected without having to use insecticides,” states the pest control manager. “For peace of mind’s sake, I recommend Dragonflys and Cognitos because when you put them to use, mosquito traffic drops. It’s a low-profile device with a Las Vegas-style attractant for mosquitoes – that’s the Dragonfly!”

by BioSensory