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BioSensory Mosquito bite control

BioSensory mosquito bite control

New Product Detects Early Bedbug Infestations

June 2, 2009
BioSensory, Inc. announces the release of its NightWatch ™ Bedbug Monitor - an innovative new product for pest control operators to use to detect bedbug infestations at the earliest stages. Read More

Forshaw and Residex Take Lead in the Fight Against Bedbugs

May 14, 2009
Distributors to offer BioSensory's new NightWatch™ Bedbug Monitor to pest management professionals nationwide Read More

Restaurant Owner Solves Mosquito Problem

Feb 23, 2005
New food-safe candles keep biting insects away from customers; enhance revenue. Read More

New England Firm Donates Environmentally Safe Mosquito Protection Product To Hurricane Victims

Oct 26, 2004
Florida experiencing explosive mosquito counts statewide.
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Environmentally Safe Mosquito Protection Scientifically Proven To Reduce Landings By 65%

Aug 12, 2004
New technology now available in Canada in candle form; a convenient alternative to sprays, foggers, traps, repellents containing DEET; helps protect against mosquitoes that may carry West Nile. Read More

Scientific breakthrough thwarts mosquitoes, provides alternative to DEET and Citronella

Jul 9, 2004
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New Mosquito Control Technology Protecting Valuable Thoroughbreds

Jul 31, 2001
Mosquito 'Cognito protects multimillion dollar horses for U.S. Olympic Equestrian Team. Read More

BioSensory Offers New Technology To Fight Backyard Mosquitoes

Jul 26, 2001
Innovative device inhibits mosquito's ability to track human scent.
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USDA Agricultural Research Service Website "New Mosquito Trap in Time for Summer"

Jul 13, 1999
Mosquitoes are in for trouble this summer, thanks to a new trap that effectively attracts and kills mosquitoes and biting flies. Read More