Restaurant Owner Solves Mosquito Problem



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Restaurant Owner Solves Mosquito Problem

New food-safe candles keep biting insects away from customers; enhance revenue


WILLIMANTIC, Connecticut  (February 23, 2005):  Like many restaurant owners with outdoor seating, Brian Mozzer faced a recurring problem.  Once the warmer weather arrived, mosquitoes plagued his deck, which made the patio seating an unsatisfactory place for patrons.

“I’ve had a mosquito problem for the last 16 years,” states Mozzer, owner of Jonathan Pasco’s Restaurant in East Windsor, Connecticut.  “The last thing a customer wants is to sit down and be bitten.  There’s nothing appealing about being pestered by mosquitoes while you’re trying to enjoy your dinner.” When rainwater would accumulate between the decking slats, it created an ideal breeding ground for mosquito larvae.  After the mosquitoes hatched, they’d nest in nearby trees and “go to dinner” on restaurant patrons.

Mozzer found a solution to his mosquito problem in BioSensory, Inc.’s Conceal®

Candles, which he used as part of a tabletop centerpiece.  Upon using the Conceal® Candles, the pests no longer swarmed his customers and they were able to enjoy their meals without disturbance.  “The candles not only provided a nice ambiance,” comments Mozzer, “but also created an effective mosquito barrier.  Bottom line is, my revenue has been enhanced from the use of the Conceal® Candles because I can seat patrons outside longer, and they order more food and drinks.”

BioSensory’s candles are uniquely suited for dining use because – unlike Citronella – they work and have an appealing fragrance.  Unlike pyrethrum or permethrin products, the Conceal® inhibitor ingredient is found in food additives, further making it well-suited for dining environments. “For the first time, I’ve been able to advertise a ‘bug-free’ deck,” Mozzer adds.  “The convenience and cost-saving benefits of using the candles is also a great bonus.  I was genuinely shocked at the longevity of the candles.  Regular votives only last seven hours, but these took me through the entire summer with minimal reorder. And something else that my customers appreciate is that they have a pleasant smell – not like Citronella.”


Before using the candles, Mozzer estimates customers used to stay for maybe ten minutes, tops. The mosquitos would drive them inside where it was so crowded that they’d leave to go someplace else. “Now, they stay for a relaxed one-and-ahalf hour dining period and I can re-seat it, as well.

In the summer, I can seat between 8:30 pm and 1:00 am so it’s approximately four hours of revenue-producing time.  The candles have certainly increased my revenue and ROI because the deck’s usability is 100%.”

With his usability at 100% because of Conceal® Candles, Mozzer was then able to decipher how much revenue he was averaging throughout the summer.  “I was able to come up with an estimated revenue based on the increase of business I received and, I have to say, I was genuinely surprised.  Assuming that my tables were full, I averaged $1,898 per night in revenue.  Now multiply that by the dining time within the entire season and you can see the ROI.”

Established in 1996, BioSensory, Inc. is a U.S.-based manufacturer of advanced technology products to control mosquitoes and biting insects without insecticides such as Pyrethrin or repellents containing DEET.  Patented and trademarked products include The Dragonfly System, Mosquito ‘Cognito and Conceal® Candles.

Through a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement with the Agricultural Research Service of the United States Department of Agriculture, the company has developed, tested and distributed environmentally safe products throughout the world.


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