Jonathan Pasco’s Restaurant

Brian Mozzer, owner of Jonathan Pasco’s Restaurant, had a recurring problem. Once the warmer weather hit, his restaurant’s outdoor patio deck would be plagued with mosquitoes. The patio area is located on the second level and sits on the flat roof of the newer portion of the building. When rainwater would accumulate between the decking slats, it would create an ideal breeding ground for mosquito larvae. After the mosquitoes hatched, they’d nest in nearby trees and “go to dinner” on restaurant patrons! The solution: create an effective mosquito barrier by placing BioSensory’s Conceal® Candles as part of the tabletop package. “Not only did the candles provide a nice ambiance, they worked excellent in terms of keeping the mosquitoes away from my customers,” states Brian. “There’s nothing better for a dining experience than being able to sit outside and not have to worry about getting bitten.”

The candles are uniquely suited for dining use because – unlike Citronella – they work and have a pleasant fragrance. Unlike pyrethrum or permethrin products, the Conceal® inhibitor molecule is found in food additives and is uniquely suited to the dining environment. “I’ve had a mosquito problem for the past 16 years, and for the first time we’ve been able to advertise a ‘bug-free deck’ here. It’s all thanks to Conceal® Candles,” Brian notes. “They seem to last forever and I was shocked at the longevity. I use them every night for five hours, or 35 hours each week. If the summer lasts 10 weeks, that’s 350 candle burn hours per table. I used three 3” x 6” candles per table for the season. In comparison, regular votives only last 7 hours. The convenience and cost-savings of not having to keep ttttt buying these candles is great, and they have a pleasing smell – not like Citronella.” Brian developed his own unique tabletop display using the candles, by putting them in a hurricane globe with marbles and water which reflects and displaces the candlelight nicely.

“Bottom line is, my revenue has been enhanced from the use of the Conceal® Candles. I can seat patrons outside longer, and they order more drinks and food,” he explains. “Prior to using the candles, customers would sit for maybe ten minutes, tops. Now they stay for a 1.5- hour dining period and I can re-seat it. In the evening, I can seat between the hours of 8:30 pm and 1:00 am, so it’s approximately 4 hours of revenueproducing time. The candles have certainly increased my revenue and ROI because the deck’s usability is 100%.”


by BioSensory